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More planning in less time

Why spend 40 hours or more planning a conservation practice like a pond, waterway or wetland when you can create multiple options in just 30 minutes with smart online software from Agren ™.

Agren BasinBuilder, PondBuilder, RCNCalculator and other online conservation planning tools are the first to convert LiDAR elevation data into high-quality plans with highly accurate estimates. That means you’ll spend less time at your desk and more time in the field, making a difference.

Before now, conservation planning took time…time to meet with landowners and operators, time to create and consider alternatives, time to select the best option for any given situation, and time to create additional options if the first one isn’t right for the landowner. Agren’s online suite of tools helps conservation planners get more planning, more options and more accurate cost estimates done in less time than ever before…with fewer contract revisions and more completed projects.

Leveraging LiDAR

Agren, Inc. has developed a geographical information system (GIS)-based system to leverage Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) technology for conservation planning of ponds, waterways, wetlands, water and sediment control basins and other conservation practices. Recent advances in LiDAR digital elevation collection technologies have resulted in far more accurate digital elevation models than traditionally available. As LiDAR data becomes more widely available, many conservation planners will soon have the power to plan conservation practices – with many options and price points – using easy-to-use online planning tools from Agren, Inc.

And it takes less than two hours of training to get going with Agren’s powerful conservation planning tools.

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With Agren’s powerful applications, conservation planners and engineers use LiDAR data to plan a practice and get cost-estimates quickly and accurately. Users can generate more than 50 options for pond depth, size and cost, and produce estimates that are accurate to within 15 percent of the final design cost estimate.

PondBuilder, for example, replaces up to 40 hours of using soil maps, aerial photography and paper elevation and contour maps to create a single option. PondBuilder users can create an accurate cost-estimate and aerial photo of the structure – drawn on their client’s farm - in 20 minutes or less.

Web-based Convenience

Because Agren’s suite of conservation planning tools reside on the web, licensed users can access the service from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Subscribers can pick and choose from a suite of tools to create a package that best suits their local needs.

Complete Suite of Powerful Tools

Current planning tools from Agren include PondBuilder, BasinBuilder and RCNCalculator. Coming soon, Agren will introduce additional tools, including WetlandBuilder, WaterwayBuilder, ErosionCalulator and others. In the not-so-distant future, users will be able to choose applications from a fully-integrated suite of applications to plan, evaluate and visually depict multiple conservation practice alternatives on a single field or across the entire farm.

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