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'The Grazing Manager' Software

The Challenge:

Drought is the leading natural disaster in the United States in terms of monetary losses, and a major factor in range management. Drought relief in agriculture has historically focused on response measures that help farmers and ranchers deal with and recover from drought, with little or no attention to mitigation and preparedness. These observations indicate a need to shift assistance toward developing farm and ranch-level mitigation strategies.

Agren's Solution:

We partnered with the USDA Risk Management Agency to seek a decision-support tool to help ranchers address the potential for drought before it occurred. The three-year project began with a thorough examination of available drought-mitigation tools as well as consultation with ranchers and practitioners about what they wanted to see in such a tool. Once several options were selected, we presented their findings to an expert panel, which determined that "The Grazing Manager" (TGM), originally developed at Texas A&M University, was the most appropriate tool for the project.

Upon selection, TGM underwent intensive software revisions, testing, and evaluation by our staff and partners. We developed an integrated electronic environment for its use, and created a detailed User Guide and on-line help files to accompany the software.

We are working to implement TGM in the Nebraska Sandhills and the Fort Peck Reservation in northeast Montana. Both of these projects are funded by NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants.

Download The Grazing Manager Software

Current Users: Read the instructions for backing up your database before installing TGM 5.0.

TGM Resources

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